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The concept of concentration constitution during this paintings refers back to the contrast among express, thetic and identificational sentences. The vital declare is that the syntactic illustration of each sentence has to encode which of those kinds of concentration constitution is discovered. This declare is mentioned in nice element with admire to syntax, intonation and semantics in the framework of the Minimalist application. it's proven that the incorporation of concentration constitution into syntax bargains new views for an answer of vexing difficulties in syntax and semantics. for instance, fronting (preposing, 'topicalisation') is handled as a syntactic operation which basically belongs to center grammar, i.e. isn't not obligatory or 'stylistic'; the semantic inspiration of quantifier elevating is allotted with in favour of a spotlight structural remedy of phenomena which gave upward thrust to it. The e-book appeals to generative linguists and to sensible linguists who don't believe in an unbridgeable hole among the formal and practical research of language.

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A DP argument base-generated in comp-V is associated with the direct object phrase (Od P) if there is another argument base generated in spec-V or spec-v. A DP argument in spec-V is associated with Od P if there is an argument base-generated in spec-v but no argument base-generated in comp-V; a DP argument base-generated in spec-V is associated with the indirect object phrase (Oi P) if there are arguments base-generated in both spec-v and comp-V. In English copulative clauses a DP argument (base-generated in spec-cv, or comp-cv; see above in this subsection) is associated with SP.

Kiss’s judgement) b. A: A hat Mary picked for herself B:%No, she picked for herself a coat, too (É. Kiss’s judgement) She argues (1998b: 251) that “[s]ince the dialogue in [(36)] describes a situation in which Mary did pick a hat for herself, the negation of Mary picking a hat for herself can only be interpreted as the negation of exhaustivity. This interpretation is available only in the case of [(36a)]”, but not in (36b). However, the judgement that (36a) is coherent is not shared by all native speakers of English.

The syntactic framework and the FocP-hypothesis I assume that non-finite embedded clauses are characterised by lacking TP and by having a ‘defective’ SP. The fact that to infinitive and participle clauses may be said to be morphologically marked (by to and the present or past participle morphology) for non-finiteness suggests positing a finiteness phrase (FinP). The head of FinP would then carry a [+fin]-feature in finite clauses and a [–fin]-feature in non-finite clauses, a [–fin]-featured Fin-head being morphologically realised by to.

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