By Bernard H. Bichakjian

ISBN-10: 9027220077

ISBN-13: 9789027220073

Francis M. Rogers, to whom the present quantity is in honor of, could be a modest guy in precept, yet now not in his educational targets. to name his pursuits wide in scope isn't any exaggeration as they disguise the fields of linguistics, literature, philology, bibliography, trip narratives and celestial navigation, that is well mirrored during this quantity. half I issues normal and Luso-Brazilian linguistics (Bernard H. Bichakjian, John B. Jensen, Anthony J. Naro, Joseph M. Piel, Cléa Rameh); half II Medieval experiences: Sheila R. Ackerlind, Donald Stone Jr., Paolo Valesio, Joan B. Williamson; half III Luso-Brazilian literature (Memória de Lázaro, Frederick C.H. Garcia, David T. Haberly, Jane M. Malinoff, Noami Hoki Moniz, Maria Luisa Nunes, Noêl W. Ortega, Raymond S. Sayers, Nelson H. Vieira); and half IV on commute literature (Mary M. Rowan, Charity Cannon Willard). This quantity additionally features a entire bibliography of the writings of Francis M. Rogers.

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On a more theoretical level, this conclusion shows that phonetic and phonemic processes cannot be treated indiscriminately and diachronic rules have an apart status. In discussing Lightner's rule I showed that the inclusion of diachronic rules in a synchronic grammar can lead to contradictions. Ruhlen's work and his concluding remarks must be seen as a turning point. After the visionary years of transformational generative grammar, phonological studies have come (or perhaps returned) to the use of a mature method.

Since these are often the manifestations of on-going linguistic changes, they have a rightful and, indeed, important place in the phonology of a language. For Chomsky, on the other hand, the realizations discussed above should be accounted for with two rules. i. ii. V → nasalized / Nasal + Consonant Nasal → Ø / Lax Vowel — unvoiced stop (1964: 82). Rule i. can be temporarily accepted (see p. 30 for necessary restrictions) but rule ii. raises two grave questions. First as to the justification of the process.

4 Portuguese word-final nasal vowels Let us return now to Portuguese word-final nasal vowels. 2, at the possibility of their having been brought about by something other than the fall of word-final NC's. Let us pursue this thought further. Through the fall of Lat. L. -e of the accusative singular of third declension nouns and the -t of the third person plural of all verbs, a number of NC's became word-final. The vowel preceding these consonants became nasalized, but the consonant continued to be written and pronounced.

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