By William C. Dietz

ISBN-10: 0759284237

ISBN-13: 9780759284234

A traitorous army captain plots to promote army secrets and techniques to the alien Il Ronn, and it's as much as interstellar bounty hunter Sam McCade to cease him and finish a terrifying alien danger which can spoil the Terran Empire. Reissue."

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There was silence for a moment as the naval officer stared off into space. When he answered his face was devoid of all expression.  .. Including peace. Imagine the cost of a navy large enough to do the job alone. " He left the thought unfinished as his eyes slid away to the star map decorating one wall. "Bridger's out there somewhere right now. " Swanson-Pierce met McCade's eyes.  .. " "I don't believe it," McCade replied. " "Basically I agree," Swanson-Pierce said. "But try to see it from his point of view.

He amassed a great armada and used it to conquer all the planets then held by man.  . and the Empire was born. His rule proved reasonable and consistent, preferable to the profitless anarchy of war. Eventually, most became willing subjects. However a stubborn few fled to the Empire's frontiers. There they eked out a marginal existence on uncharted worlds, or raided the Empire's commerce as pirates. Now the first emperor's son ruled, and little had changed. Admiral Keaton paused as though gathering his thoughts.

They opened on silent hinges, and as he stepped out of the room, the four marines snapped to attention. " asked the section leader who'd brought him. McCade nodded. " Together the three men started down the corridor. McCade noticed it was busier now. Glancing at his wrist term, he saw it was almost noon. People were heading for lunch. Moments later, as McCade and the marines rounded a corner into a crowded hallway, the assassins made their move. Two There were three assassins, one ahead, one to each side.

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Galactic Bounty by William C. Dietz

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