By M. M. Portier, B. Croizat, F. Berthelot, B. Edde, D. Paulin, F. Gros (auth.), J. E. Celis, R. Bravo (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1468445413

ISBN-13: 9781468445411

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ISBN-13: 9781468445435

This quantity is predicated at the lawsuits of a NATO-Gulbenkian beginning subsidized summer season university held in May-June 1982 in Sintra­ Estoril, Portugal. Given the speeded up progress of information within the box of eukaryotic gene expression, it appeared well timed to carry a NATO complicated research Institute to debate present advancements during this region of biology and to judge the opportunity of rising applied sciences resembling gene move, recombinant DNA cloning and quantitative excessive answer two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. The preliminary articles in t~is quantity describe a number of differentiation types and tackle questions reminiscent of the relationships among differentiation and mobile proliferation, biochemical adjustments accompanying differen­ tiation, expression of differentiated gene items and their legislation in addition to gene association of cytoskeletal proteins. the second one part describes houses of neoplastic cells, surveys present assays for transformation and gives a few new insights into the mechanisms fascinated about carcinogenesis. The 3rd half is devoted to viral oncogenesis and to the function of onco­ genes in mobilephone transformation. specific emphasis is given to the function of tyrosine kinases in telephone transformation. The concluding part offers with a number of points of gene expression in general and reworked cells with designated emphasis given to stories utilizing dimensional gel electrophoresis, mobile hybridization, gene move and immunological techniques.

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Since induction of this variant strain causes appearance of all the biochemical markers characteristic of the wild-type strain but is not paralleled by neurite extension. this strongly suggests that appearance of the 82 isoform would be correlated with morphological differentiation. 35 NEURAL FUNCTION AND DIFFERENTIATION The mechanism responsible for 82 appearance was further investigated. ) (50, 51, 52). In order to explore to what extent the existence Of multiple tubulin bands in differentiating ce11s was due to the expression of new genes or to a modification of preexisting gene products, some pulse-chase experiments were carried out.

Autoradiographs of the gets presented in Figure 17; Ac: actin. 36 M. M. PORTIER ET AL. a b <>- - 61-. jl3- Fig. 20. Pulse-chase experiments: isoelectric focusing of partially purified tubulin from N1E-115 cells: in the differentiated stage; (a) J hr pulse-labelling; (b) J hr pulse-labelling followed by a chase for 24 hr; in exponentially growth conditions; (c) J hr pulse-labelling followed by a chase for 24 hr. Autoradiographs. of serum, cells were labelled with [35S]-methionine for periods of 3 hr at different times, only a, ~1 and ~3 tubulins incorporated the tracer initially, suggesting that ~2' ~4 and ~5 would arise from posttranslational modifications (Figure 19).

And TSAVALER, L. (1981). Monoclonal antibodies to synaptic membranes and vesicles. In: Monoclonal Antibodies to Neural Antigens, OPe cit. p. 163. A. and NIRENBERG, M. (1981). : Monoclonal Antibodies to Neural Antigens, Ope cit. p. 181. H. (1981). Chemical basis of synaptic transmission ~: Principles of Neural Sciences, p. 107. H. (1980) Brain peptides as neurotransmitters. Science, 209, 976. 14) ACHER, R. (1981). Evolution of neuropeptides. 9, 225. , and NUMA, S. (1979). Nucleotide sequence of cloned cDNA for bovine corticotropin - S lipotropin precursor.

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Gene Expression in Normal and Transformed Cells by M. M. Portier, B. Croizat, F. Berthelot, B. Edde, D. Paulin, F. Gros (auth.), J. E. Celis, R. Bravo (eds.)

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