By Moebius A.F.

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I also have certain reservations, which I shall set out later, about his notions of explanation and reconceptualization. However, I think the areas of agreement about the interest of Frege’s derivation of arithmetic are both wide-ranging and far more significant than those of disagreement. ” I also want to emphasize that I consider Wright to have made a great scientific contribution in showing contemporary readers 1 This article first appeared in Richard G. , Logic, Language, and Thought, Oxford, Oxford University Press (1997).

2004], Induction and Deduction in the Sciences, Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers. Uzquiano, G. & I. Jané [2004], Well- and Non-Well-Founded Extensions”, Journal of Philosophical Logic 33: 437–465, reprinted below as chapter 16. ) [1967], From Frege to Gödel: A Sourcebook in Mathematical Logic, Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press. Weir, A. [2004], “Neo-Fregeanism: An Embarassment of Riches”, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 44: 13–48, reprinted below as chapter 19. Whitehead, A. N.

1906], p. 144) The term “indefinite extensibility” is due to Michael Dummett, however, who extended Russell’s idea as follows: An indefinitely extensible concept is one such that, if we can form a definite conception of a totality all of whose members fall under the concept, we can, by reference to that totality, characterize a larger totality all of whose members fall under it. ([1993], p. 441) It has become standard to use the term ‘definite’ for those concepts that are not indefinitely extensible.

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Gesammelte Werke by Moebius A.F.

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