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I do not take into accout the ebook being aderized because the first 60 pages being already stuffed in. fortunately although, we didn't actually need to check that fabric. The e-book used to be in god and price the inexpensive volume we paid for it. vendor shipped in a timely fashion additionally. Over all a very good event.

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Dec. 3. The Lopez family enjoys watching old movies together. int. 4. How can I get this project done on time? dec. 5. Georgia knows that author. imp. 6. Try to have supper ready at six o’clock. exc. 7. You look elegant! dec. 8. That combination of colors is quite striking. imp. 9. Put out the trash on Wednesday morning. dec. 10. Both soccer and tennis have great teams this year. exc. 11. Get the fire extinguisher! int. 12. Will you turn out the lights before you go to bed? imp. 13. Turn out the lights before you go to bed.

14. Pull the thorn out before your finger blisters. Grammar Copyright © by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill imp. ᮣ Exercise 2 Draw one line under the complete subject and two lines under the complete predicate. 1. Marla’s pet monkey chatters all day long. 2. Enrico’s mom has photos of her trip to South America. 3. The population of the United States is increasing. 4. Do you know how to make snickerdoodles? 5. I am so excited! 6. Larry hid Easter eggs in his neighbor’s backyard. Unit 1, Subjects, Predicates, and Sentences 59 Name ___________________________________________________ Class _________ Date ____________________ Cumulative Review: Unit 1 ᮣ Exercise 1 Write S next to each simple sentence, C next to each compound sentence, frag.

11. We won! imp. or exc. exc. 12. Be careful! 13. Rhoda just set a record for the broad jump! Unit 1, Subjects, Predicates, and Sentences 49 Name ___________________________________________________ Class _________ Date ____________________ 14. The dense grass felt like smooth carpet. imp. or exc. 15. Let me try! imp. or exc. 16. Listen to me! imp. 17. Wear protective clothing. imp. 18. Kiss the Blarney Stone before you leave Ireland. exc. 19. That’s a great idea! imp. 20. Remember to stand when Dr.

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