By Joanne Kimes

ISBN-10: 1440500932

ISBN-13: 9781440500930

Following within the culture of Joanne Kimes's signature "let's simply shut our eyes and get via this jointly" humor, besides Gary Robert Muschla's light grammar approach, Grammar Sucks is for everybody who hates the foundations yet desires to keep on with them anyway.

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It is grammatically incomplete.  . Okay, what happened next? Did Marsha steal Jan’s thunder again? Did Carol get another dorky haircut? Or did 36 grammar sucks it suddenly become clear why two separate families can join together so easily without any of the kids ever saying, “You can’t make me! ”? The examples are clear: Fragments are not sentences. So, why do people speak in fragments? Sometimes people speak and write the way they think. And since a lot of us grew up watching way too many MTV videos, we tend to think in short chunks of information, and we express our thoughts as fragments.

Day follows night, night follows day. Note that although the above examples are generally acceptable, you should not overuse them. In written English, especially when standard conventions are expected, it’s putting all the crap together 39 a safer bet to insert a conjunction: Some days are good, and some days are bad. Now that you know what a run-on sentence is, you might be wondering what causes run-ons. Run-on sentences are often the result of fast thinking, fast speaking, and fast writing. As we gallop along with our ideas, we string thoughts together and skip punctuation.

The calm, tranquil river of chocolate didn’t look as treacherous as it turned out to be. • To separate items in dates. Wednesday, the 15th of July, 2007 • To separate elements in place names and addresses. Hershey, Pennsylvania 123 Sesame Street, New York, NY 12345 • To set off direct quotations in a sentence, and to set off speaker tags such as said Charlie.

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