By L. Aleksandrov, G. Siddall

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Written for physicists, chemists, and engineers specialising in crystal and picture progress, semiconductor electronics, and numerous purposes of skinny movies, this e-book studies promising medical and engineering traits in skinny motion pictures and thin-films fabrics technological know-how. the 1st half discusses the actual features of the techniques happening in the course of the deposition and development of movies, the significant equipment of acquiring semiconductor movies and of reparing substrate surfaces on which crystalline motion pictures are grown, and the most functions of flicks. the second one half comprises facts on epitaxial interfaces and on methods of lowering transition areas in movies and film-type units, at the procedures of crystallization and recrystallization of amorphous movies, and on thermodynamic stipulations, mechanisms and kinetic parameters of sped up crystallization

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69), nearsurface layers depleted by an impurity (ref. 70), formations of a new phase, appear in the complicated long processes of relaxation and change of an initial state with time. The kinetic properties are determined not only by the thermodynamic state of the system, but also by the whole of its properties, and can be changed in the process of growth. As has been already noted, the satisfactory description of the film growth from beams in vacuum can be made by using root-meansquare displacement L g by diffusion, distances between steps y , step height H, an activation energy of adatom adsorption and surface diffusion Qa^ and Q s for the qualitative characterization of the substrate state (ref.

Ions with an energy down to 1 eV produce charged defects and activated growth centers, and slower ions activate only the surface migration of ad- 18 a t o m s and t h e i r cally condensation. the high reaction both temperature in a s o l i d and i n a l i a u i d dn dV one Ion flows and p r e s s u r e s phase (phosphor permit one t o produce necessary (cadmium i o n s ions for a synthesis in a tellurium in a gallium film) lo­ film) (ref. 49). 1 ! I t10' \ L _ / \ 6 1 10 3 10* 10* Energy, eV Energy d i s t r i b u t i o n of p a r t i c l e s condensed on the s u b s t r a t e during thermal evaporation ( 1 , 5 , 6) and ion s p u t t e r i n g ( 2 , 3 , 4 ) .

Recent years have seen an increased interest to three-component semiconductor compounds of the A 2 B c5 type (ZnSiP 2 ), A^B^Co (CuInSe 2 ), A^B C3 (Cu2GeSe3) and more complex types. On the basis of this, it is possible to produce light-sensitive diode matrices with nonlinear characteristics, including highly effective solar batteries for microcircuits. Among the new promising materials of microelectronics worthy of attention are garnets whose films are used for magnetic storage de­ vices. Rare-earth garnets allow the change of a lattice parameter and a forbidden zone width by choosing the pair of components (gal­ lium-gadolinium, iron-yttrium, and others).

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