By André B. Charette

ISBN-10: 1118726596

ISBN-13: 9781118726594

Heteroarenes are one of the so much universal structural devices in normal items, prescribed drugs, agrochemicals, and different compounds of medical or advertisement curiosity. within the final decade, a extensive variety of novel man made equipment has been built not to merely facilitate development of the heteroarene motif, yet to permit its amendment via direct C�H functionalization. This guide describes 117 key reagents for selective heteroarene functionalization reactions, together with either conventional and transition metal-catalyzed C�H functionalization. considering those reactions as a rule contain one heteroarene, a coupling companion and a catalyst, the guide not just specializes in the catalyst itself but in addition comprises different key response species.

All the knowledge compiled during this quantity can also be to be had in digital layout on Wiley on-line Library. The 117 reagents represented listed here are yet a small fraction of the ca. 5,000 reagents to be had within the digital Encyclopedia of Reagents for natural Synthesis (e-EROS). e-EROS deals numerous seek interfaces to find reagents of curiosity, together with chemical constitution, substructure and reactions seek modes. e-EROS is up-to-date frequently with new and up-to-date entries.

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