By Roger E. Dendinger

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One problem with Honduran and Central American poli-­ tics today is that these political positions are not confined to any one state in the region. Liberals or conservatives in one country routinely interfere in the politics of their neighbors. Politics easily cuts across state boundaries in a region where everyone speaks the same language and shares the same colonial past. In the beginning of this regional ideological divide, conservatives were distinguished by several core issues. They were strongly ­prochurch, including a Catholic Church monopoly over educa-­ tion.

1500 ­Post-­Classic From its culture hearth in the lowlands of Mesoamerica, Mayan civilization spread over a wide territory. By the Early Classic period, it included the Yucatán Peninsula; the moun-­ tains and Petén region of Guatemala, Tabasco, and Chiapas in Mexico; and western ­Honduras. Honduras Through Time Mayan control over these lands was never absolute. Much like the classic Greeks, the Maya were organized into small ­semi-­independent ­ city-­states. Each of the major subregions competed with its neighbors for control of trade routes and for religious prestige.

Each of the five had its own national assembly and its own executive. The seat of the UPCA government was Honduras Through Time During the colonial era, intermarriage was common between Spanish settlers and Amerindians. The couple’s offspring were deemed mestizos, which today represent approximately 90 percent of Honduras’s ­population. 45 46 Honduras established in Guatemala City. Much as the colonial Audiencia of Guatemala had dominated Honduras, the UPCA govern-­ ment came to represent Guatemalan control over the other four states in the league.

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