By Luis A. Santaló

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Vital geometry originated with difficulties on geometrical chance and convex our bodies. Its later advancements, notwithstanding, have proved to be helpful in numerous fields starting from natural arithmetic (measure conception, non-stop teams) to technical and utilized disciplines (pattern reputation, stereology). This booklet is a scientific exposition of the idea and a compilation of the most ends up in the sphere. the amount can be utilized for a one-semester undergraduate direction in likelihood and differential geometry or as a supplement to classical classes on differential geometry, Lie teams, or likelihood.

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2) If F*(v p ) = 0, then vp = 0. (3 ) The Jacobian matrix of F at p has rank n (dimension of the domain E n of F). 3 is not regular. But the one-to-one condition fails at only a single point, the origin. 8 shows that is Jacobian matrix has rank 2 at p ^ 0, rank 0 at 0. A mapping that has an inverse mapping is called a diffeomorphism. A diffeomorphism is thus necessarily both one-to-one and onto, but a mapping Sec. 7] 39 MAPPINGS which is one-to-one and onto need not be a diffeomorphism (Exercise 11).

3 ] K(S) 59 = || T'(s) || = \ 2 = - 25 ^ —2 > 0. a + o c Since 71' = /c/V, we get N(s) = ( —cos- , — sin- , 0 ) \ c c / Note that regardless of what values a and b have, N always points straight in toward the axis of the cylinder on which ß lies (Fig. 8). Applying the definition of cross product to B = T X N, we get E»/ \ (b . s b s a\ B{s) = l - sin - , —- cos , - 1. \c c c c c) It remains to compute torsion. Now B\s) = ( l- c o s - , -=l s i n - , 0 ) , \c c c c / and by definition, B = — TN.

We emphasize this topic not only because of its intrinsic importance, but also because the basic method used to investigate curves has proved effective throughout differential geometry. A curve in E3 is studied by assigning at each point a certain frame—that is, set of three orthogonal unit vectors. 2). In a real sense the theory of curves in E is merely a corollary of these fundamental formulas. Later on we shall use this "method of moving frames" to study a surface in E3. The general idea is to think of a surface as a kind of two-dimensional curve and follow the Frenet approach as closely as possible.

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