By Julie Halls

ISBN-10: 0500772479

ISBN-13: 9780500772478

An enthralling, funny, and downright complicated number of nineteenth-century innovations as printed via remarkable–and hitherto unseen–illustrations from the British nationwide Archive

Inventions that Didn't swap the World is an interesting visible travel via essentially the most weird and wonderful innovations registered with the British professionals within the 19th century. In an period whilst Britain was once the workshop of the realm, layout safeguard (nowadays patenting) used to be all of the rage, and the it sounds as if lenient approval approach intended that each one demeanour of unusual curiosities have been painstakingly recorded, in appealing colour illustrations and well-penned explanatory textual content, along the certainly nice innovations of the interval. Irreverent statement contextualizes every one submission in addition to taking a funny view on how each one has stood the attempt of time.

This ebook introduces such gemstones as a ventilating most sensible hat; a man-made leech; a layout for an aerial laptop tailored for the arctic areas; an anti-explosive alarm whistle; a tennis racket with ball-picker; and a currant-cleaning computing device. this is every little thing the tip person might be able to require for an issue he by no means knew he had.

Organized by way of sector of application—industry, garments, transportation, scientific, future health and defense, the house, and leisure—Inventions that Didn't swap the World finds the troubles of a bygone period giddy with the probabilities of a newly industrialized international.

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