By Stephen Crain

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This introductory consultant to language acquisition study is gifted in the framework of common Grammar, a idea of the human college for language. The authors concentrate on experimental ideas for assessing young children linguistic competence: the Elicited creation activity, a construction activity, and the reality worth Judgment job, a comprehension job. Their methodologies are designed to beat the varied stumbling blocks to empirical research of children language competence. They produce examine effects which are extra reproducible and no more prone to be brushed aside as an artifact of wrong experimental process. within the first part of the booklet, the authors research the elemental assumptions that advisor examine during this sector; they current either a thought of linguistic competence and a version of language processing. within the following sections, they talk about intimately their experimental options.

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25)):7 (24) Le foto del muro sono [sc t la causa della rivolta]. the pictures of the wall are the cause of the riot (25) La causa della rivolta sono [SC le foto del muro t]. the cause of the riot are the pictures of the wall In Moro's theory, an unaccusative verb selects a small clause as its comple­ ment. In a sentence like ( 1 ), by analogy with an inverse copular construction, the postverbal subject (the DP tre uomini) is the subject (remained in situ) of the small clause selected by arrivare.

It is true that, under customary assumptions about unaccusatives verbs (I am not considering any­ more Moro's theory at this stage), the direct object in (2) occupies the same position of the postverbal subject in (1). And it is also true that I am hypothesising that the latter (and whence also the former) c-commands the adjunct clause. However, per se this does not (incorrectly) predict the grammaticality of (2). Plainly, what rules out the sentence is that object control is impossible. But it is not obvious that this impossibility is due to the fact that the potential controller does not 36 CARLO CECCHETTO work that bans right-adjunction.

Suppose that a "Big DP" is generated in the argumentai object position in these sentences. The head of this "Big DP" is the clitic itself (la in (16-17)) whereas its Spec is filled by the dou- 28 CARLO CECCHETTO bled DP (l'opera prima di uno scrittore)A This Spec-head configuration ex­ plains the agreement between the DP and the clitic in gender, number and person features: Big DP Doubled DP Clitic Note that, adopting this analysis, the derivation of a CLLD sentence becomes highly constrained: assuming the equidistance device of Chomsky (1995, chapter 3), the doubled DP l'operaprima di uno scrittore cannot be extracted from the "Big DP", when the latter is inside VP.

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