By Baqer Moin

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The Ayatollah Khomeini was once the main radical Muslim chief of this age. In reworking himself from a conventional Muslim theologian into the charismatic Iranian ruler who took at the global, Khomeini introduced an Islamic revival circulate that, with the cave in of communism, fast developed for a few because the centre-piece within the pantheon of western demonology, and for others because the concept for religious and political rebirth. even if considered as a hero by means of his supporters or as a villain by means of his enemies, Khomeini used to be certainly one of many seminal figures of the 20 th century, whose impression will expand a way into the recent millennium.

Baqer Moin right here explores how and why this frail octogenarian, wearing the normal gowns of a Muslim cleric, overthrew the secular Shah of Iran and have become the non secular chief of a brand new and militant Islamic regime. nonetheless an enigma within the West, Khomeini reworked the center East and the area. yet the place did the guy come from? What was once his early life and relations historical past? What lay at the back of his implacable competition to the Shah? What position did the turbulent occasions in Iran in the course of his formative years play in shaping Khomeini's political perceptions? What replaced him from an vague conventional theologian with mystical and poetic dispositions right into a combative and hugely vengeful radical? How will his imaginative and prescient of a global neighborhood of Muslims, a type of Islamic Internationale, impact the center East?

Drawing on many particular own interviews with Khomeini's affiliates, on unpublished new fabrics and at the author's firsthand adventure in Islamic seminaries, this biography presents a desirable, well-documented and hugely available research of the lifestyles and considered probably the most arguable leaders of the past due 20th century.

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