By Ostad Elahi, James Winston Morris

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ISBN-13: 9780791468579

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Ostad Elahi's realizing the Spirit presents a concise and remarkably illuminating philosophic account of our designated position within the universe: of the artistic expressions of the divine Spirit all through nature, and of the method of the soul's deepening perfection via the entire demanding situations and classes of our lifestyles during this international and past. This revealing publication attracts jointly in one imaginative and prescient these symbolic teachings and non secular insights regular to many Western readers this day in the course of the classical mystical poetry of Rumi, Hafez, and Attar. The ancient context and language of this learn are marked by way of the confluence of classical Islamic philosophy and spirituality, together with Sufi proposal, and their scriptural resources. yet Elahi's notion integrates these impacts and marks them with the magisterial imprint of his personal profound religious event and attribute simplicity, openness, and directness of expression. This quantity bargains a novel masterpiece of modern religious idea, commencing up primary human views and percentages too usually clouded via the distractions of present occasions. The emphatic universality of either the topic and presentation of understanding the Spirit issues easy methods to unsuspected bridges among varied civilizations and non secular traditions, certainly to the possibility of an inclusive "science of spirituality" in accordance with the typical flooring of every person's religious existence and adventure.

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The definition of each of those three modes is as follows:1 A. What is necessary by virtue of itself refers to that whose being is necessary by virtue of itself. This means that each of the different kinds of essential nonexistence—whether preceding it, or as its concomitant, or imaginary—is logically and really impossible with regard to its being: an example is the being of the Creator. ” For those beings that come into being through another by the intermediary of primary and secondary causes, as well as those beings that are necessarily brought into existence through a relation which is analogous to that of being brought into being through another 2—in other words, the whole field of primary and secondary causes caused by another or through relation to another: all of these go back in the end to the original Cause of causes, which is necessary by virtue of Itself, the Essence of the Necessary Being.

Now we can visibly see and realize that all external (physical) and mental existents have been, are, and will be contingent. That is expressed in the following (classical examples) of the lesser and greater premises of a first-form syllogism in logic: The world is subject to change. Everything subject to change is contingent. Therefore: the world is contingent. And also: All bodies are composite. Everything composite is contingent. 16 Thus everything that is contingent (that comes into existence) must inevitably have some agent that brings it into existence.

15:28–29) 3. And they are asking you about the spirit. ” (7:85) 4. So she [Mary] veiled herself apart from them. Then We sent to her Our spirit, so he appeared to her in the image of a well-shaped human being. (19:17) 5. Next He rightly shaped him [Adam] and He breathed into him from His spirit, and He placed for you all hearing and eyes and hearts— how little thankful you all are! (32:9) 6. When your Lord said to the angels: “Verily I am creating a humananimal (bashar) from clay. ” (38:71–72) 7.

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