By Shu Kobayashi

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Buchler JW, De Cian A, Fischer J, Kihn-Botulinski M, Paulus H, Weiss R (1986) J Am Chem Soc 108:3652 179. Stecher H, Sen A, Rheingold AL (1988) Inorg Chem 27:1130 180. Hitchcook PB, Lappert MF, Mackinnon IA (1988) J Chem Soc Chem Commun 1557 181. De Villiers JPR, Boeyens JCA (1972) Acta Cryst B28:2335 182. Terzis A, Mentzafos D, Tajmir-Riahi H-A (1984) Inorg Chim Acta 84:187 183. (a) Rabe GW, Riede J, Schier A (1996) Inorg Chem 35:40; (b) Rabe GW, Riede J, Schier A (1996) Inorg Chem 35:2680 184.

Solvent coordination as a rule decreases the reactivity of Ln–R bonds by depolarization, steric saturation, and competition reactions. g. HMPA coordination [244]). g. OCPh2, OPPh3, TMEDA) [Eq. (32)] [245,246] and strongly donating ligands such as acetonitrile or pyridine were shown to act as denucleating agents in cyclopentadienyl and alkoxide chemistry [Eq. (33)] [20,247]. Substituted imidazol-2-ylidenes, carbene-type ligands, form strong adduct complexes with Ln(II) and Ln(III) metal centers as indicated by THF displacement [Eq.

These compounds can be of relevance in Lewis acid catalysis where their activity is directed by the formation of Lewis acid (catalyst)/base (substrate) pairs [229]. Hence, metal–ligand bond disruption and formation processes are pushed into the background. Linked cyclopentadienyl-carborane ligands form mononuclear commo (sandwiched) metallacarborane complexes [230]. Highly functionalized podate ligands such as triamidoamine (“azatrane”) [231] and tribenzyltrifluoroacetoacetate [232] produce formally 4- and 6-coordinated complexes, respectively (Fig.

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