By Dr.-Ing- habil. Wilhelm Hofmann (auth.)

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40), 42 cm 3 distilled water. Mix equal quantities of solutions (al and (b). Etch for 10 seconds or longer with constant movement. Quickly rinse in water. Carefully dab off the deposit with cotton wool under running water, then rinse in alcohol and dry. (a) 10 g ammonium persulphate, 100 cm3 distilled water. (b) 30 g tartaric acid, 100 cm 3 distilled water Mix 5 cm 3 of (a) with 2 cm3 of (b). 3 parts of glacial acetic acid, 1 part of H 20 2 (9%). Etch for 10 to 30 minutes depending on depth of deformed layer.

8 Temp. 878 1 105 I 112 I 114 I I 117 I 120 460 I AUBREY offers a eontribution on the determination of the Fermi surface of lead and of BRILLOUIN zones [29 a]. 8. Magnetie, Aeoustie and Optieal Properties Lead is diamagnetic. 10-6 (HONDA [584]). The velo city of sound in lead, i. , the velo city of propagation of longitudinal elastic waves in a rod, was determined as 1,560 rn/sec by WOOD and SMITH [1284]. 5 rn/sec. The high damping of mechanical and acoustic vibrations in lead resulted in the development of isolating materials which effectively attenuate mechanical oscillation and noise (antivibration pad p.

Also for the fatigue strength of bismuth-containing lead, no noteworthy deviations from the behaviour of soft lead were found . 2 3. Age-hardening of the hexagonal lead -bismu th phase (ß ). (According to Ho [535]). While the grain size of lead in the cast and in the recrystallised condition is reduced by many alloying additions, this is not the case for additions of bismuth, as they go into solid solution (p. 196). 18% was first found (EMMERICH [278]). 44 H. Binary Alloys Bismuth has frequently been described as "injurious" to lead.

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