By Charles Nicholl

ISBN-10: 0141944242

ISBN-13: 9780141944241

Leonardo is the best, such a lot multi-faceted and such a lot mysterious of all Renaissance artists, yet terribly, contemplating his huge, immense attractiveness, this can be the 1st full-length biography in English for a number of many years. Prize-winning writer Charles Nicholl has immersed himself for 5 years in all of the manuscripts, work and artefacts to provide an 'intimate portrait' of Leonardo. He makes use of those modern fabrics - his notebooks and sketchbooks, eye witnesses and early biographies, and so forth - as a fashion into the psychological tone and actual texture of his lifestyles and has made myriad small discoveries approximately him and his paintings and his circle of work-mates. between a lot else, the booklet identifies what Nicholl argues is an unknown portrait of the artist putting in a church close to Lodi in northern Italy. It additionally includes new fabric on his eccentric assistant Tomasso Masini, on his gay affairs in Florence, and on his curious courting with a feminine version and/or prostitute from...

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