By Rick Shelley

ISBN-10: 0441007228

ISBN-13: 9780441007226

Lon Nolan, the newly appointed Lieutenant Colonel, prepares to steer the Corps right into a savage warfare on a frontier mining planet. yet as soon as he plunges into the guts of strive against, can he carry his males out alive?

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Once Long Snake secured from recovery stations, the launchmaster escorted Lon to his quarters near the front of the battalion's section of the ship. Vel Osterman and Phip Steesen were waiting. " Osterman said. "The men are Lon nodded. " With Long Snake's Nilssen generators providing artificial gravity inside the ship, there was no sensation of movement. " Facilities aboard the ship were limited, even though Long Snake was five miles long. The soldiers would eat, exercise, and train in shifts. Dirigent's Dragon-class transports, such as Long Snake, were being phased out-one every four years.

Nice, but not essential. Governor," Lon said, managing a smile. " * * * OSI had done a remarkable job working with the material Alpha Company had brought back from Bancroft nine years earlier. They had edited tens of thousands of hours of video taken from ships in orbit, by shuttles during all of their operations, and through cameras mounted in the helmets of officers and noncoms. The resulting maps and overlays provided a high-resolution photographic atlas of a large section of Bancroft's primary continent, along with moderately detailed surveys of the rest of the planet's surface.

Lon nodded. "Probably half; rotate shuttles and crews between Long Snake and the ground. " Dirigenter shuttles carried rockets and multibarreled, high-speed 20mm cannon pods. Though not as fast or as maneuverable as Shrike fighters, the assault shuttles were armed nearly as well. "I expect we'll have at least one day, possibly more, before we begin mounting offensive action," Lon continued. "Subject, of course, to what the raiders do. " "If there's something going on when we get up in the morning.

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