By Jeanne Kalogridis

ISBN-10: 044022442X

ISBN-13: 9780440224426

After the demise of his part brother, Stefan, by the hands of Vlad Tsepesh--also often called Dracula--and after the destruction of his vampire father, Arkady, additionally by the hands of Vlad, Abraham van Helsing has traveled the area slaying many vampires. With each vampire he destroys, Bram turns into greater and Vlad weaker, and shortly Bram hopes he'll be ready to ultimately kill the fearsome vampire who has stored the Tsepesh kinfolk enslaved via a centuries-old blood ritual.But a determined Vlad and his vampire great-niece, Zsuzanna, summon support from the main strong, brutal, and gorgeous vampire of all--Countess Elizabeth of Bathory. Bram learns in their plot to spoil him, and makes his personal stream to strike out at Vlad sooner than Vlad can positioned him to demise. He groups up with a brave band of people as he hunts Vlad--including Mina Harker and John Seward--and they ultimately reach killing the pinnacle of the Tsepesh extended family, simply as Bram Stoker foretold in Dracula. however the terror doesn't finish with the dying of Vlad, for there's one other strength that drives Vlad, Zsuzanna, Elizabeth and the entire vampires, an historic entity extra evil than something Bram has ever encountered: the Lord of the Vampires. And for Bram to defeat this darkish lord, he needs to once more danger wasting his very soul, to avoid wasting not just his relations, yet humanity as well.In her ultimate publication within the Diaries of the family members Dracul trilogy, Jeanne Kalogridis brilliantly melds her personal interesting tale of the Tsepesh relatives with that of Bram Stoker's vintage, Dracula. advised in diary shape just like the first books and Stoker's personal chilling story, LORD OF THE VAMPIRES finds the darkish, startling truths at the back of the unique Dracula.

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The pewter silk parted to reveal my white breasts—unfettered by Victorian undergarments. He gasped and averted his eyes in dutiful and gentlemanly fashion, his expression warring between horror and furtive desire. As the silk rustled to a heap on the stone and I stepped forward from it in my naked glory, lovelier than any vision of Venus emerging from the sea, he peered sly and sidewise at me. I climbed into the great iron tub and knelt beside him, the liquid catching my waist-length indigo hair and setting it afloat like lazily drifting seaweed.

Ah, Cousin! I see you have taken pity upon our frail ladies. Please: I have prepared a banquet for your pleasure. It awaits you in the great dining hall, where I shall join you in but a few moments. Go there now. ” I felt a fresh surge of dismay as Elisabeth gave a half-curtsy and left the room; even more dismay when I heard her footsteps echo down the hall, then the staircase. He remained in the doorway peering after her, his eyes squinting with the strain. ) And when she was what he believed a safe distance removed from us, he stepped inside and shut the heavy door behind him.

The servant placed it in Elisabeth’s waiting hand, then withdrew to give us our privacy. “Look, Zsuzsanna. ” I took the glass. And cried out in pleased amazement at the woman I saw there. Nay, woman is too unflattering a word. Angel, vision—these are words that better describe what I saw. Dunya had been right that my portrait did not give proper tribute to my beauty. For fifty years I had not seen the woman in the mirror: a raven-haired young beauty, black tresses agleam with electric indigo, sharp teeth of pearl, lips of ruby, brown eyes asparkle with molten gold.

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