By J. Cuppoletti

ISBN-10: 9533073535

ISBN-13: 9789533073538

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During this quantity a survey of the main correct nonlinear crack types is equipped, with the aim of examining the nonlinear mechanical results taking place on the tip of macrocracks in quasi-brittle fabrics - akin to concrete, rocks, ceramics, polymers, high-strength steel alloys - and in brittle-matrix fibre-reinforced composites.

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1 Phase diagram In this research, Fe, Ti and C are the primary components. The binary and ternary diagrams help to find the phases which are expected to appear during the process. Although the laser cladding process is a non-equilibrium process, phase diagrams are useful guides to interpret and estimate the result-ant phase formation. 1 Ti-C phase diagram The selection of the atomic ratio forming a TiC phase is important in the formation of the TiC particles (see Fig. 1). Fig. 1. Titanium-Graphite phase diagram (Hirokai, 2000) 36 Metal, Ceramic and Polymeric Composites for Various Uses It can be seen that TiC is stable over a wide range of composition as a intermediate phase.

Gupta, S. (2009). Characteristics of the binary faceted eutectic : benzoic acid –salicylic acid system, Cryst. Res. Technol. 3, (2009). pp. (258268) Woishnis W. A. (1993). , ASM International Materials Park, OH (1993). 2 In-Situ Formation of TiC Using Laser Cladding Ali Emamian, Stephen F. Corbin and Amir Khajepour University of Waterloo Canada 1. Introduction Composite materials result from the combination of two or more dissimilar materials with different physical and mechanical properties.

N. (1995). Indentation induced microhardness and fracture studies on (110) and (001) planes of flux-grown dysprosium orthoferrite single crystals. 99-104). E. (1999). , ASM International Materials Park, OH (1999). (1986). Inst. Phys. Ser, Vol. 75, Chapter 3. (2006). G. (2008). Composites: Polymer-Matrix Composites. , Hoboken, New York (2008). D. Materials Science and Engineering. An introduction. , Canada (2006). ,& Wilcox, W. R. (1991). Directional solidification of Pb-Sn eutectic with vibration.

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