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Zr-catalyzed cyclic and acyclic asymmetric ethylalumination of alkenes. It has recently been shown that some of the sluggish reactions, such as those with styrene and v-alkenol derivatives, can be significantly accelerated by the addition of H2O, MAO (methylaluminoxane) [167], and IBAO (isobutylaluminoxane) [168], and that the ee values can be improved by several % (Generalization 17). Some of the earlier results discussed above have also been reviewed recently [169,170]. 50 [167,168,171,172] suggest that it promises to become a major asymmetric synthetic reaction, provided that (i) the singularly important case of methylalumination can be made to proceed with j90 % ee, and (ii) satisfactory and convenient methods for enantiomeric and diastereomeric separation/purification can be developed.

18. Synthesis of non-deuterated, partially deuterated, and fully deuterated vinyl derivatives via hydrozirconation of terminal alkynes. Halogenolysis Cleavage of alkylÀZr bonds has been achieved with I2, Br2, and PhICl2 to produce the corresponding alkyl iodides, bromides, and chlorides, respectively [6À9]. In cases where alkenyl groups are present, NBS and NCS are preferred reagents for brominolysis and chlorinolysis, respectively. Iodinolysis and brominolysis of both ZrÀCsp3 and ZrÀCsp2 bonds have been found to proceed with retention of configuration.

Its elegant application to the synthesis of (À)-macronecine is noteworthy [116]. 28 [117,118]. 29). 30). These serve as Zr- or Ti-carbene complex equivalents, but mechanistic details are not clear. 27. + -70 to 0 oC H H Addition of allylzirconocene derivatives to aldehydes. 28. R EtO RCHO Lewis acid [118] OH OH RCHO R H+ [117] OEt R O OH OEt OEt Addition of g,g-bis(ethoxy)allylzirconocene derivatives to aldehydes. 1. R3CN R1 R1R2CO ZrCp2 R ZrCp2 R2 O OH 2. H+ O H+ ZrCp2 R2 R1 OH R2 OR1 O RCOOR1 R1 R H+ R O RCN ZrCp2 R N H+ R ZrCp2 O 1.

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