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Loads of fiscal difficulties can formulated as restricted optimizations and equilibration in their suggestions. a number of mathematical theories were offering economists with essential machineries for those difficulties bobbing up in monetary idea. Conversely, mathematicians were motivated by way of quite a few mathematical problems raised by means of fiscal theories.

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D. 3. Algorithms and their computational complexity This subsection will start with a definition of Turing computable function. , nd = 1ni + 1#1& + I#. #1nk + 1. If k = 1, then we assume that c(n) = la+'. A function 9: N$+& is Turing computable if there exists a Turing machine (#, I ) * + { 11.. , XJ is undefined By a problem we understand a general question to be answered, usually having several parameters, whose values are left unspecified. An instance of a problem is obtained by specifying particular values for all the problem parameters.

I 2. 2. Tape automata 27 Proof. (a)Only an outline of the proof will be given because a detailed description of linear bounded automaton accepting a context-sensitive language is rather complicated. Let G = ( N , T, P, re) be a context-sensitive grammar. We construct a linear bounded automaton accepting L(G). 12). It can be proved by the simulation of a 2-track automaton by a 1-track automaton that the language accepted by the 2-track automaton is also accepted by the 1-track automaton. On the first track we place the word #x$, and the second track is used for computation.

Thus A is an incomplete DFA-R. In the above example first the elements of S, C, Q have been explicitly specified, and then the transition and output functions have been defined by the lists of respective equations. However, one can see that the set of states, the input alphabet and the output alphabet can be constructed using simply the equations lists of a and h functions. 1 is cumbersome in practice. Therefore in the sequel we shall rather use either table or graphic representation of an automaton.

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