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3) Example. For E given by the equation y2 + y − x y = x 3 we have −(x, y) = (x, −y − 1 + x) and the curve is vertically symmetric about the line y = (1/2)x − 1/2 . In the diagram we have included for future reference two tangent lines to the curve T at (1, 1) and T at (1, −1). The slopes of tangent lines are computed by implicit differentiation of the equation of the curve (2y + 1 − x)y = 3x 2 + y. §1. 4) Addition of Two Points. Let E be an elliptic curve defined by the equation in normal form y 2 + a1 x y + a3 y = f (x) = x 3 + a2 x 2 + a4 x + a6 .

Rational Points on Rational Curves. Faltings and the Mordell Conjecture 17 §6. Rational Points on Rational Curves. Faltings and the Mordell Conjecture The cases of rational points on curves of degrees 1, 2, and 3 have been considered, and we were led naturally into the study of elliptic curves by our simple geometric approach to these diophantine equations. Before going into elliptic curves, we mention some things about curves of degree strictly greater than 3. 1) Mordell Conjecture (For Plane Curves).

Since L is tangent to E at (x, y) the quadratic equation 0 = x 2 − λ2 x + a would have a double root at R, and this condition is equivalent to the discriminant being zero, or, 0 = λ4 − 4a. Because a has no fourth-power factor, this has a rational solution λ if and only if a = 4 and λ = +2 or −2. In this case the points (x, y) satisfying 2(x, y) = 0 are (2, 4) and (2, −4). This discussion shows that the 2power torsion in E(Q) has the above form, and we are left to show that there is no odd torsion.

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