By Benson R.E., Breslow R., Ireland R.E. (eds.)

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Derived from the well known, Encyclopedia of Reagents for natural Synthesis (EROS), the comparable editors have created a brand new instruction manual which makes a speciality of chiral reagents utilized in uneven synthesis and is designed for the chemist on the bench. This new guide follows an identical layout because the Encyclopedia, together with an creation and an alphabetical association of the reagents.

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Increased coupling yields in solid phase peptide synthesis with a modified carbodiimide coupling procedure. Hoppe-Seyler’s Z Physiol Chem 353, 1973, 1972. 6 PEPTIDE-BOND FORMATION FROM MIXED ANHYDRIDES OF N-ALKOXYCARBONYLAMINO ACIDS The second most popular method of peptide-bond formation has been the mixedanhydride method, which was the first general method available. Only the acylchloride and acyl-azide methods predate it. 7), yet the compound has not been blessed with the designation “coupling reagent” because the coupling cannot be effected by adding the reagent directly to a mixture of the two components.

350pp. Humana Press. (Also Peptide Analysis Protocols). Sewald, N. and Jakubke, H-D. (2000) Peptides: Chemistry and Biology. 450pp. Wiley. An overview for newcomers to the field. M. D. (1984) Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis, 2nd ed. 184pp. Pierce Chemical Company. The classical working handbook. , and Bodanszky, M. (1991) The world of peptides: a brief history of peptide chemistry. 298pp. Springer-Verlag. Wünsch, E. (1974) in Houben-Weyl, Methoden der Organische Chemie, 15/1, 15/2. Synthesen von Peptiden.

This is the case if there is no N-nucleophile, such as when a preactivation is effected or when the intention is to prepare the symmetrical anhydride. The same result is obtained when the reactant is an O-nucleophile that has been added to produce an ester. Delays in consumption of O-acylisourea can also be a result of the slower approach of an N-nucleophile that is insoluble in the reaction medium. Such is the case in solid-phase synthesis; here a portion of the peptide emanates from the symmetrical anhydride.

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Organic Syntheses by Benson R.E., Breslow R., Ireland R.E. (eds.)

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