By C. C. Michel (auth.), Sukhamay Lahiri, Naduri R. Prabhakar, Robert E. Forster II (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0306463679

ISBN-13: 9780306463679

ISBN-10: 0306468255

ISBN-13: 9780306468254

Proceedings of the XIVth overseas Symposium on Arterial Chemoreception, held June 24-28, 1999, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
This quantity, containing the court cases of the fourteenth biannual ISAC assembly provides a brand new departure from their conventional concentrate on arterial chemoreceptors and their services, within the enlargement to incorporate the learn and dialogue of oxygen sensing in different tissues and cells, and the genes concerned. Bringing jointly scientists from mobile and systemic limitations of body structure, operating on the interface of mobile and molecular biology, this ebook, containing new physiological and biochemical perspectives.

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Oxygen Sensing: Molecule to Man by C. C. Michel (auth.), Sukhamay Lahiri, Naduri R. Prabhakar, Robert E. Forster II (eds.)

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