By Mark Falcoff

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Explores Panama's mismanagement of the homes it got from the U.S. and its cavalier put out of your mind of environmental issues an important to the effective operation of the canal. the writer argues there's no turning again; the Carter-Torrijos treaties became Panama's (and the US's) future.

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0 % Has yielded a few benefits ....................................... 4% Has caused a little damage ...................................... 7% Has caused great damage ........................................ 4% Don’t know/no answer ................................................ 5% The favorable opinion of the United States and its citizens held by ordinary Panamanians may well be simply the logical and inevitable fruit of the Carter-Torrijos treaties, which removed, however gradually, the bone of contention between the two countries.

Finally, the degree to which the two communities were separated by the barrier of language, sovereignty, and self-perception can be exaggerated. S. military people chose to rent housing in the territory of the republic. There was a fair degree of socializing between field- and senior-grade officers and English-speaking Panamanians, particularly members of the elite, as well as between Americans who did business in Panama and their local counterparts. -Panamanian relations have been driven over the years by an unusually intense version of the love-hate syndrome historically widespread throughout Latin America.

Royo, who quarreled with the National Guard leadership, was quickly replaced the following year by his vicepresident, Ricardo de la Espriella, who in turn was replaced in 1984 (through fraudulent elections) by Nicolás Ardito Barletta, a former vicepresident of the World Bank with no power base of his own. With the disappearance of Torrijos, power in Panama was increasingly centered in the National Guard (after 1983, the Panamanian Defense Forces— FDP), whose dominant personality was its chief of intelligence (subsequently its commander), General Manuel Noriega.

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