By Jeff Carlson

ISBN-10: 0441017991

ISBN-13: 9780441017997

After surviving the computing device plague and the realm warfare that undefined, nanotech researcher Ruth Goldman and ex-army ranger Cam Najarro found new contagion is set to be unleashed.

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The smoke was intense. Coughing, Cam reared back from the fire. Eric’s body reacted, too, its muscles contracting. The corpse twisted within the blaze, arching its hips and neck as the empty gap of its mouth pulled impossibly wide. Cam tried to shut off his weapon but the flamethrower was a clumsy thing they’d built themselves. It shot gasoline in fat, deafening blasts that weren’t easily contained. He was forced to expend another two seconds of fuel, clearing the gun, and he kept the blaze on Eric’s corpse rather than turning the fire away.

It knocked him back. Suddenly everyone was bobbing up and down, scratching at the ground for dirt and rocks, pelting the boy and shouting as if their voices might also drive him off. Their flashlights stabbed and winked. Tony staggered in the onslaught. Then he lost his balance, stepping on Allison again and falling down. Michael came at them next. His eyes were lopsided. Only one pupil was distorted. The other had shrunk to a pinpoint, and his body hunched to that side as if to compensate. The brain, Ruth thought.

Ruth yelled. ” Otherwise they were helpless. Every survivor knew how easily the invisible machines could penetrate their lungs. A new plague was their most intimate and public nightmare, shared by everyone. They would have been less unnerved by another distant nuclear exchange. Panic took over. Someone fired in the dark, then someone else. Orange muzzle flashes tore the crowd apart, because not all of the shots were directed outward. Tony died in a burst of rifle fire, flailing into the ground.

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Plague Year Trilogy 3 Plague Zone by Jeff Carlson

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