By Hugo Navikov

Within the DEPTHS, anything WAITS … Acclaimed movie director Jake Bentneus pilots a customized submersible to the ground of Challenger Deep within the Pacific, the private aspect of any ocean of Earth. yet whatever lurks on the scorching hydrothermal vents, a creature—a dinosaur—too giant to exist. Gigadon. It not just exists, however it follows him, hungrily, again to the skin. Later, a slightly residing Bentneus deals a $1 billion prize to a person who can locate and kill the monster. His most sensible wager is popular ichthyopaleontologist Sean Muir, who had anticipated tailored dinosaurs lived on the backside of the sea. yet Muir is in solitary confinement at a greatest safeguard legal for the dying of his spouse on a dive intended to substantiate his theories. That doesn’t matter—Jake Bentneus has the skill to get Muir out. He additionally has the skill to place him again in criminal perpetually if he doesn’t kill Gigadon. With a brain badly warped via a 12 months in solitary confinement, can Muir resolve the secret of his wife’s dying whereas additionally touring to the ground of Challenger Deep to seek and kill this very unlikely dinosaur? If he desires to stay a unfastened guy, he’ll need to do either. He’ll need to examine every little thing there's to understand approximately PREHISTORIC BEASTS AND the place TO struggle THEM

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They also had a long neck and held their back horizontally, as birds do today. In the hand, digits four and five (the equivalent of the pinky and its neighbor) were already reduced in the first dinosaurs; the fifth finger was virtually gone. Soon it was completely lost, and the fourth was reduced to a nubbin. Those 32 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN EXCLUSIVE ONLINE ISSUE ant carnivores as Carnotaurus, Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus, in which the forelimbs were relatively small. The forelimb was about half the length of the hind limb in very early theropods.

Ambulocetus, for one, retained the flexible shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger joints of its terrestrial ancestors and had a pelvis capable of supporting its weight on land. Yet the creature’s disproportionately large hind limbs and paddlelike feet would have made walking somewhat awkward. These same features were perfect for paddling around in the fish-filled shallows of Tethys, however. Moving farther out to sea required additional modifications, many of which appear in the protocetid whales. Studies of one member of this group, Rodhocetus, indicate that the lower arm bones were compressed and already on their way to becoming hydrodynamically efficient, says University of Michigan paleontologist Bill Sanders.

Further insights from Pakistan would have to wait, however. By 1983 Gingerich was no longer able to work there because of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan. He decided to cast his net in Egypt instead, journeying some 95 miles southwest of Cairo to the Western Desert’s Zeuglodon Valley, so named for early 20th-century reports of fossils of archaic whales— or zeuglodons, as they were then known— in the area. Like Pakistan, much of Egypt once lay submerged under Tethys. Today the skeletons of creatures that swam in that ancient sea lie entombed in sandstone.

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