By G. Eisenman, R. Margalit, K.-H. Kuo (auth.), Prof. Dr. Dietrich Werner Lübbers, Priv. Doz. Dr. Helmut Acker, Prof. Dr. Richard Pierson Buck, Prof. Dr. George Eisenman, Prof. Dr. Manfred Dietrich Kessler, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Simon (eds.)

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Finally the analysis of ionic selectivities should involve an Internal Correlation as a simple test of obtained ionic selectivity coefficients and the reliability of the data. References 1. Ciani S, Eisenman G, Szabo G (1969) A theory for the effects of neutral carriers such as the macrotetralide actin antibiotics on the electric properties of bilayer membranes. J Membr BioI 1: 1 2. Garrels RM, Sato M, Thompson ME, Truesdell AH (1962) Glass electrodes sensitive to divalent cations. Science 135: 1045 3.

After boiling, the capillaries are dried in an oven for 15 min at 200o C. This procedure of hydrating and drying o - - - - - Fig. 3. Apparatus for hydration of the glass capillary wall. A: heating cable (Electrothermal HC 102, London, England), B: glass capillaries, C: porpus sintered glass disk supporting the capillaries and allowing the fluid to circulate as indicated by arrows, D: filling solution is pure distilled water. The apparatus allows water to continuously circulate along the outer and inner capillary wall.

Acad Press, London. p 76 and 124 31 6. Moore EW, Ross JW (1965) NaCI and CaCl2 activity coefficients in mixed aqueous solution. J Appl Physiol 20: 1332 7. Morf WE, Simon W (1978) Ion-selective electrodes based on neutral carriers. In: Preiser H (ed) Ion-selective electrodes in analytical chemistry, vol 1. Plenum Press, New York-London, Chapter 3 8. Nicolsky BP (1937) The theory of the glass electrode. Zh Fiziol Khim 10: 495 9. Robinson RA, Stokes RH (1965) Electrolyte solutions. Butterworths, London Department of Medical Physiology, mark ~, The Panum Institute, Copenhagen/Den- Discussion Buck: The response and selectivity coefficient behavior of M+/M2+ mixtures at a nominally M2+ responsive electrode were studied previously by Buck and Sardifer «1973)J Physiol Chern 77: 2122) and Buck and Stover «1978) Anal Chern Act 101: 231) Both papers began with formal solutions of the Nernst-Planck equations for internal diffusion potential and the reversible interface of components.

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Progress in Enzyme and Ion-Selective Electrodes by G. Eisenman, R. Margalit, K.-H. Kuo (auth.), Prof. Dr. Dietrich Werner Lübbers, Priv. Doz. Dr. Helmut Acker, Prof. Dr. Richard Pierson Buck, Prof. Dr. George Eisenman, Prof. Dr. Manfred Dietrich Kessler, Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Simon (eds.)

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