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During this quantity a survey of the main appropriate nonlinear crack versions is supplied, with the aim of reading the nonlinear mechanical results taking place on the tip of macrocracks in quasi-brittle fabrics - equivalent to concrete, rocks, ceramics, polymers, high-strength steel alloys - and in brittle-matrix fibre-reinforced composites.

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For instance, if in the deterministic model discussed thus far one restricts attention to equilibria in which the nominal interest rate is constant and preferences are log-linear in consumption and leisure, then the restricted Ramsey policy would call for price stability, Pt ¼ PtÀ1, and a positive interest rate equal to the real rate of interest, Rt ¼ 1/b. The optimality of negative inflation at a rate close to the real rate of interest is robust to adopting any of the alternative motives for holding money discussed at the beginning of this section.

FAILURE OF THE FRIEDMAN RULE DUE TO UNTAXED INCOME: THREE EXAMPLES When the government is unable to optimally tax all sources of income, positive inflation may be a desirable instrument to tax the part of income that is suboptimally taxed. The reason is that because at some point all types of private income are devoted to consumption, and because inflation acts as a tax on consumption, a positive nominal interest rate represents an indirect way to tax all sources of income. We illustrate this 667 668 Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe principle by means of three examples.

All other structural 4 The proof of this statement is similar to the one presented in Section 1 of the Appendix. For a detailed derivation see Schmitt-Grohe´ and Uribe (2004b). 671 672 Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe parameters take the same value as before. The case of perfect competition corresponds to a markup of unity. 85%. For positive values of the markup, the optimal interest rate increases as does the optimal level of inflation. S. 11%. This inflation rate is far below the inflation targets of 2% or higher maintained by central banks.

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