By Zhang Pengpeng

ISBN-10: 780052695X

ISBN-13: 9787800526954

This set of classes is specifically designed with brand-new methods for overseas scholars starting to research chinese language. self sufficient from each other but built-in right into a complete, there are 3 classes during this set: extensive Spoken chinese language, the commonest chinese language Radicals, and speedy Literacy in chinese language. The centred education in personality studying will allow the scholar to go into into the interpreting level in an unheard of short while and flavor the pride and delight of fluent comprehension.

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A. —百三十三块 B. 一百二十三块 C. 一百四十二块 D. 一百三十二块 39 孩 挺 抱 负 [負] 属 [属] 羊 还 [還] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 hdi ting very; straight; b6o hug, ftl bear, rely on shfi be born in the year of, belong ito ydng sheep hdi still, fairly, hudn give back m6i 没 bl 毕 [畢] 业 [業] yfe 数 [數] shd 11 理 hud 化 k&o 考 试 [試] shl 各 舻 门 [門] m6n gong 功 ch^ng 成 绩 [绩] 错 [錯] cu6 将 [將] jiang 来 [來] ldi xi&ng 想 gfio 搞 rdn 然 ke 科 当 [當] dang ydn 研 jia 究 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 child 孩子 hdizi child 有抱负 y6u bdofu have high aspirations 毕业 h\yb graduate 考试 k6oshl examination, 功课 gongk^ schoolwork 成绩 不错 ch^ngjl result, achievement bdcu6 correct, right 将来 jiangldi future 自然 科学 zlrdn nature k6xu 谷 science ydnjiu research ydnjiuyudn research fellow erect cherish also not, not have finish, accomplish course of study, trade mathematics, physics, number reason chemistry; change, turn take an examination; test try, test test every, each (a measure word); door merit, result, work become; result achievement, merit fault; wrong will, take, be about to come want to, think do, get so, right a branch of academic study be; just at grind, study investigate 研究 研究员 短这孩子挺有抱负,属羊,大学还没毕业,数理化考试各门功课成 ^绩都不错,将来想搞自然科学,当研究员。 Zh谷 hdizi ting y6u bdofu, shii ydng, ddxu^hdim^i bly^, shilllhud kftoshi gfe m6n gongk^ ch^ngjl dou biicu6, jiangldi xi&ng g&o zlrdn kexu6, dang ydnjiuyudn.

S V 0 吗? 你 是 法 国 人 吗 ? 我是法国人。 •有一种动词谓语句是几个动词共用一个主语。如: Two or more verbs can share the same subject, e. g. S V 0 V 我 去 北 京 大 学 学 习 0 法语。 參副词“最”修饰形容词和某些动词。如: The adverb 最 can modify an adjective or a verb, e. g. S 最 V ( adj ) 我 最 喜 欢 吃 中 餐 Q 中餐最好吃。 參副词“就”肯定客观事实或强调正是如此。如: The adverb 就 may be used to confirm what has been stated previously or to emphasize a statment, e. g. 学校食堂的饭就不怎么好吃。 18 练 •选择正确的位置 习 Exercises Choose a correct position : 1 . 在学校A的老师和B学生们现在去C吃饭D� • 參 參 春 食堂 4 . 我问他:“你吃饭了吗? ”他说:“ A.

A. 从星期三 B. 从星期二 C. 从今天 D. 我的老师说:“日本饭不怎么好吃。”他喜欢吃日本饭吗? A. 喜欢 B. 有点儿喜欢 C. 不喜欢 D. 非常喜欢 3. 你不爱吃法国饭,你可以吃中国饭。 A. 发现 B. 要是 C. 如果 D. 打听 23 后[後] h6u 下 wii 午 ch6 差 fen 分 钟[鐘] zhong y6 也 准[準] zhfin 备[備] b^i ztd 再 gen 跟 ban 班 几[幾] fl 同 起 zu6 坐 zu 租 汽 中 di 地 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 — 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 de 铁[鐵] tie xin 新 shl 世 界 忡 shang 商 di5n 店 买[買] mfti xie 些 hu6 活 y6ng 用 pin 品 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 behind, after 后天 hbutian day after tomorrow 下午 xidwii afternoon 分钟 fenzhong minute 准备 zhtinb^i intend, 班上 banshang in the class 同学 一起 tdngxu^ classmate yiql together 出租 汽车 chOzQ hire out; taxi qlche automobile 好好地 地铁 hdohao de all out, well dlti 谷 subway, metro 世界 shlji^ world 商店 shangdi6n shop 生活 shenghu6 life; live 用品 y6ngpln articles for use below, down, next noon differ from; short of, bad, poor minute; divide; (a measure word) clock, bell too, also allow, grant; certainly prepare prepare again, once more with; follow class a few; how many together; same start, rise sit rent vapour,steam land, soil,fields (a structural particle) iron new world boundary commerce; discuss shop, store buy some live; movable, quick use article 短后天下午差五分钟四点,她也准备再跟班上的几个同学一起坐出 句租汽车和地铁去“新世界”商店买些生活用品。 H5utian xidwii ch6 wii fenzhong si didn, ta yS zhiinb^i zdi gen banshang de jl gfe t6ngxu谷 ylql zu6 chuzuqlche h6 ditifi qil ‘‘ Xinshljife" shangdi6n mfii xie shenghud y6ngpln.

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