By Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Within the 6th publication of the preferred Sime~Gen sequence, an explosive election crusade units off a deadly trouble within the unusual global of the Simes and Gens. Laneff Farris grew up believing that she had no longer inherited any of the distinctive skills or strengths of the Farris kin mutation. yet a typhoon of politics sweeps her into an underworld the place the road among technology and Magic blurs. Which of 2 males should still she stick with? Or may still she forge a very new path, and take the remainder of humanity along with her?

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And if I'd been Gen, I wouldn't now be condemned to death. Savagely, she heard herself add, If it would add a year to my life now, I'd cut off every one of my tentacles! She found their signal. ". . unmarked Straight-Riser, you are assisting a junct to flee the scene of a kill. You will be shot down if you do not land immediately. Tecton law requires that any fleeing junct be summarily executed. You have been warned. Repeat . " Yuan cut in over their signal. "This is Yuan Sirat Tiernan, TN-1. I can't land this thing!

Zeor doesn 't marry out of Zeor. The words echoed in Laneff’s mind as Shanlun stood with balanced poise under the scrutiny of his Sectuib. Here was the only man who'd understood what she was doing and who, from the first moment they'd met, had truly believed she could do it. Taking her moments of despair in stride, he had grown to cherish her as she loved him. Yet now, he didn't dare even look at her. If I had any sense, I'd cut him out of my life. But I can't. She didn't think she could walk away from Shanlun now, even if she didn't have to work with his Sectuib.

She had to nudge the huge male Gen hands aside to get a good tentacle and finger grip on it, but then she summoned her full augmentation capacity, closed her eyes to concentrate, not caring if she injured her back or gave herself a hernia. She let loose all her strength, and the bar tore loose, the hatch slamming open before them, the muted noise of the rotors bursting into a storm of sound while pure daylight streamed through the wrapped bubble windshield. Before she recovered her balance, the Donor was through the hatch and onto the pilot.

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Rensime by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

by Charles

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