By Alain Rouveret

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This booklet brings jointly contributions which handle quite a lot of matters concerning resumption, collecting proof from an outstanding number of languages together with Welsh, Breton, Irish, Scottish Gaelic, French, Vata, Hebrew, Jordanian and Palestinian Arabic. the themes lined comprise the interpretive homes of resumptive pronouns and epithets, the featural makeup of resumptive pronouns, in addition to the syntactic variety of resumptive buildings and the character of A-resumption. The creation deals a severe survey of early syntactic debts and up to date semantic developments. One contribution offers the result of experimental study supplying a brand new standpoint at the final inn prestige of resumption. seminal papers on resumption, Doron (1982) and McCloskey (1990), have additionally been incorporated. This quantity, which offers with a phenomenon that has given upward push to exciting claims about the constitution and interpretation of pronouns, might be of serious curiosity to either semanticists and syntacticians, whichever framework they want.

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Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh also belong to this class. See Ouhalla (1993) on Berber and Jouitteau and Rezac (2006) on Breton. (i)–(ii) illustrate the phenomenon in Welsh: (i) y dynion a ddarllenodd y llyfr the men rel read-3sg the book “the men that read the book” (ii) *y dynion a ddarllenasant y llyfr the men rel read-3pl the book In Rouveret (1994), the non-agreement effect in Celtic is linked to the lack of agreement between the inflected verb and the postverbal nominal subject in finite root and embedded clauses: argumental subjects do not raise higher than SpecTP and never occupy or transit through the specifier of the higher functional head hosting the finite verb.

Adapting Shlonsky’s (1992) original insight, but rejecting the last resort view of resumption he defends, let us assume that, in resumptive structures, the establishment of the Agree dependency and the building of the Agree chain require specific complementizers to be selected. Different complementizers are needed if the movement option is chosen. To decide whether one or the two options are available in a given Agree context, much depends on the availability and featural content of the complementizers themselves.

2â•… Resumption as subextraction In Boeckx’s (2003) account, resumptive structures cannot be reconciled with the Agree analysis; rather they involve Match, followed by Move. Building on examples like Â�Scottish Gaelic (23a), Boeckx takes the “pervasive character of non-agreement” to be one of the key features of resumption. c), under the assumption that native speakers can indeed produce a clitic in such examples, no clitic exists which could resume the oblique Â�interrogative ble. The only phrase the clitic can plausibly double is the complement clause itself.

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