By Mario Alai, Marco Buzzoni, Gino Tarozzi

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This publication deals the main entire and up to date review of the philosophical paintings of Evandro Agazzi, shortly an important Italian thinker of technological know-how and some of the most influential on the earth. students from seven nations discover his contributions in components starting from philosophy of physics and normal philosophy of technological know-how to bioethics, philosophy of arithmetic and common sense, epistemology of the social sciences and heritage of technological know-how, philosophy of language and synthetic intelligence, schooling and anthropology, metaphysics and philosophy of faith. Agazzi built an entire and coherent philosophical procedure, looking ahead to many of the turns within the philosophy of technological know-how after the quandary of logical empiricism and exerting an equivalent impression on continental hermeneutic philosophy. His paintings is characterised via an unique synthesis of up to date analytic philosophy, phenomenology and classical philosophy, together with the scholastic culture and those threads are mirrored within the diversified backgrounds of the participants to this e-book. whereas upholding the epistemological worth of technology opposed to scepticism and relativism, Agazzi eschews scientism by way of stressing the equivalent value of non-scientific types of notion, comparable to metaphysics and faith. whereas protecting the liberty of analysis as a cognitive company, he argues that as a human and social perform it needs to still appreciate moral constraints.

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J. 1985. Data, Instruments, and Theory: A Dialectical Approach to Understanding Science. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Agazzi, E. 1967. Alcune osservazioni sul problema dell’intelligenza artificiale. Rivista di filosofia neoscolastica 59(1): 1-34. Agazzi, E. 1969. Temi e problemi di filosofia della fisica. Rome: Abete. Agazzi, E. 1976. Criteri epistemologici fondamentali delle discipline psicologiche. In Problemi epistemologici della psicologia, ed. G. Siri: 3-35. Milan: Vita e Pensiero.

Strong AI is false (Searle 1991: 526). 22Cf. Leibniz ([1714] 1902: 254). Among the authors who have pointed out the similarity of Searle’s thought experiment with Leibniz’s, cf. Sharvy (1983), Cole (1984), Rapaport (1986), and Jacquette (1989: 616–617). 23Cf. Block (1978). M. e. there is no apparent behavioural experiment to discriminate a genuinely blind man from one who is not). e. ), we may also imagine equipping a blind person (or simply somebody whose eyes were adequately sealed) with similar electronic devices, and teaching him/her to interpret the stimuli received through these electronic “sense organs” (stimuli that might be for example of a tactile character).

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