By N Stosic; Ian K Smith; Ahmed Kovačević

ISBN-10: 3540242759

ISBN-13: 9783540242758

ISBN-10: 3540262288

ISBN-13: 9783540262282

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During this quantity a survey of the main suitable nonlinear crack types is supplied, with the aim of studying the nonlinear mechanical results happening on the tip of macrocracks in quasi-brittle fabrics - comparable to concrete, rocks, ceramics, polymers, high-strength metal alloys - and in brittle-matrix fibre-reinforced composites.

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The primary or generating lobe profile of the Demonstrator is given on the main rotor and the profile is divided into several segments. The division between the profile segments is denoted by capital letters and each segment is defined separately by its characteristic angles, as shown in the Fig. 4. The lobe segments of this profile are essentially parts of circles on one rotor and curves corresponding to the circles on the opposite rotor. A graphical presentation of this profile is presented in Fig.

The envelope method is also used as a basis for the generation of the rotor manufacturing tools. 2 Screw Compressor Rotor Profiles Screw machine rotors have parallel axes and a uniform lead and they are therefore a form of helical gears. As shown in Fig. 1, the rotor centre distance is C = r1w + r2w , where r1w and r2w are the radii of the main and gate rotor pitch circles respectively. The rotors make line contact and the meshing criterion in the transverse plane perpendicular to their axes is the same as that of spur gears.

It may also be used to determine the contact line coordinates and paths of contact between the rotors. The sealing line of screw compressor rotors is somewhat similar to the rotor contact line. Since there is a clearance gap between rotors, sealing is effected at the points of the most proximate rotor position. A convenient practice to obtain the clearance gap between the rotors is to consider the gap as the shortest distance between the rotors in a section normal to the rotor helicoids. The end plane clearance gap can then be obtained from the normal clearance by appropriate transformation.

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Screw compressors : mathematical modelling and performance calculation by N Stosic; Ian K Smith; Ahmed Kovačević

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