By V.C. Andrews

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Shadowed by way of her tortured previous, sunrise has a shiny new lifetime of glimmering hopes...Dawn can not often think she's a scholar at certainly one of big apple City's top tune faculties. Now her most beneficial want, to develop into a singer, can come real. yet sunrise nonetheless goals approximately Jimmy, her powerful, extreme boyfriend, and the affection and anguished secrets and techniques they share.Then Michael Sutton arrives, a brand new instructor on the institution, a making a song famous person and the main significant having a look guy sunrise has ever obvious. jointly they convey a global of feeling sunrise hasn't ever recognized. In his embody sunrise awakens to irritating, unexpected wants, and Michael's delivers supply a imaginative and prescient of track and romance forever...until he disappears.Dazed by means of his cruelty, on my own with the sour fruit of his betrayal, sunrise turns into, once more, a sufferer of her grandmothers twisted schemes. Desolate, she clings to the smooth wish that Jimmy will go back and renew together with her their inner most hearts' dream...

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