By Richard V. Tyson (auth.)

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A sound realizing of the worldwide carbon cycle calls for an appreciation of many of the physico-chemical and organic methods that confirm the construction, distribution, deposition and diagenesis of natural topic within the typical surroundings. This e-book is a complete interdisciplinary synthesis of this data, coupled with an natural facies strategy according to info from either microscopy and bulk natural geochemistry.

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283); such reactions also normally proceed at rates too slow to realistically compete with microbial consumption of the metabolizable precursors (Francois, 1990, p. 50), and the concentrations of the precursor monomeric units are also too low (Whelan and Emeis, 1992, p. 195). Observations on sediments from upwelling zones (dysoxic-suboxic facies) show that humic acids are produced from planktonic organic matter (diatoms) within a matter of days (Poutanen and Morris, 1983; Cronin and Morris, 1983, p.

7, 14, 403), in kelp 'forests' (Whittle, 1977, p. 396; Mann, 1982, pp. , 1985, p. 30). , 1993, p. 236). However, the area proportion of highest productivity (> 800 gC m- 2 a- 1) habitats, tropical forests, is at least 120 times higher than the relative area proportion of similarly high productivity upwellings in the marine realm (17% vs. ; Baturin, 1983, p. 1). 8 times smaller than the total area of the marine biosphere. The proportion of the production that is actually buried and preserved is probably much lower in terrestrial versus marine high productivity settings; the maintenance of high productivity (high biomass) in tropical forests is related to efficient and rapid recycling of nutrients, and in many cases there is also little net sediment accumulation, and thus little opportunity for burial and preservation of organic matter.

Rather, it is commonly superseded by empirical observations focused on differences in TOC and organic matter quality, and how these are related to the geologically more quantifiable variations in palaeoecological, geochemical and sedimentological parameters. These differing perspectives, based on fundamentally and inevitably different approaches, are often very difficult to reconcile, and are probably the root cause of the long-running 'productivity versus preserva- 3 tion debate' over the origin of organic-rich sediments (Chapter 6).

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