By George Erdosh, Ph.D.

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The only significant change was in moisture content because meat loses a little more moisture each time you thaw it. TASTINGS Timetable for defrosting meat In refrigerator Large roast 4-7 hrs/lb Small roast 3-5 hrs/lb 1-inch (2½ cm) steaks 12-14 hours At room temperature 2-3 hrs/lb 1-2 hrs/lb 2-4 hours How long to keep meat in the freezer Any guides in cookbooks and home economics text recommending maximum storage time in the freezer are very approximate. No one has conducted a thorough research on deterioration of meat in the freezer over time.

Chilled soups don't appeal to everyone. They may be too novel items for the meat-andpotato crowd. ) and chilled soups are new to many. Some of your less adventurous guests will take a tentative spoonful and leave the rest. Others will demand the recipe and want second helpings. When you serve a chilled soup at a dinner event, it provides both immediate appeal and a promise of more unique courses to follow. There are two general types of chilled soups—savory and sweet-sour . You can make either with a chunky soup body or as a purée.

A short, balding French Canadian cook covered by a spotted off-white apron came out of the kitchen with the menu, a single sheet with very few entries written in French. Olaf's eyes lit up at the word "steak," and even though there was no indication in either English or French what kind of steak, or even what kind of animal the meat came from, his selection was quick and unhesitating. He hadn't had any decent meat for some time and a thick juicy steak was always his first choice when eating out.

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