By Denton A. Cooley, Gregory Stewart

ISBN-10: 0791079058

ISBN-13: 9780791079058

Observe the intricacies of the skeletal and muscular platforms and learn the way those platforms interact to supply constitution and circulation to the physique.

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The cranium can be divided into two functional groups: the vault and the base. The word vault brings to mind a highly protected safe or chamber. This is an apt description of the cranial vault. It is used to store and protect the most valuable treasure of the body: the brain. The cranial vault makes up the top, sides, and back of the skull. The other section of the cranium is the cranial base, which consists of the bottom of the skull. When the vault and the base are joined, they create a chamber, the cranial cavity.

On either side of the nasal bone is the maxilla. The maxilla extends down and around from the nasal bone, encircling the nasal cavity, and serves as the anchor site for the upper row of teeth. Attached below the cranium, on the front side, is the mandible, or jawbone. If you move your jaw, you will see that it moves up and down, and wiggles side to side. The mandible joins to the cranium at two points on each side. These points are rounded and attached in such a way as to allow a wide range of mobility, the mobility that allows us to chew our food and form sounds for speech.

Vertebrae C1 and C2 are different from the others, since they are the contact point with the skull and form the first vertebral joint. The second section of the vertebrae usually consists of 12 vertebrae. These vertebrae are the thoracic vertebrae. These vertebrae curve in a convex manner; that is, they curve forward, toward the chest. As you move down these vertebrae from T1 at the top to T12 at the bottom, the vertebrae increase in size, weight, and strength. The thoracic vertebrae are the points where the ribs attach to the spinal column in the back of the body.

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