By Jaakko Hintikka

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Most modern paintings in epistemology bargains with the review and justification of knowledge already bought. during this publication, Jaakko Hintikka as a substitute discusses the extra vital challenge of the way wisdom is bought within the first position. His version of information-seeking is the previous Socratic approach to wondering, which has been generalized and taken up to date in the course of the logical idea of questions and solutions that he has constructed.

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This is one of the reasons why at the beginning of this chapter, I called contemporary academic epistemology antiquated. Maybe it is time for its practitioners to take up some more up-to-date problems. References Austin, John, 1961(a) (original 1946), “Other Minds,” in Philosophical Papers, Clarendon Press, Oxford, especially pp. 67–68. Austin, John, 1961(b), “Performative Utterances,” in Philosophical Papers, Clarendon Press, Oxford, ch. 10, especially p. 220. 36 Socratic Epistemology Bonjour, Laurence, 2002, Epistemology: Classical Problems and Contemporary Responses, Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, Maryland.

See Hintikka 1974, ch. ) This applies both to the generic search for knowledge and to the quest of particular items of knowledge. Thus, insofar as Plato contemplated knowledge-seeking (information-seeking) by questioning in our sense, he would have had to say that we must know what we are looking for there and that it is this knowledge alone that can guide our search. ) By the same token, all search for knowledge would have had to be guided by our knowledge of what knowledge is. Hence it is seen that Plato had in one important respect the same focus as we: the quest for knowledge rather than the justification of beliefs.

The question ingredient of propositional questions turns out to be of the form (∨/K) and the question ingredient of wh-questions of the form (∃x/K). We can also close a major gap in our argument so far. The connection between knowledge and decision-making discussed in Section 1 is apparently subject to the serious objection mentioned in Section 2. It helps to understand a knowledge operator K only when it occurs clause-initially, prefixed to a closed sentence. For it is only such sentences, not all and sundry formulas, that express a proposition that can serve as a justification of an action.

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