By Robert K. Grasselli and James F. Brazdil (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841209154

ISBN-13: 9780841209152

ISBN-10: 0841211108

ISBN-13: 9780841211100

content material: Catalysis via transition steel oxides / Jerzy Haber --
lively websites on molybdate surfaces, mechanistic issues for selective oxidation, and ammoxidation of propene / Janet N. Allison and William A. Goddard, III --
Thermodynamic and structural facets of interfacial results in gentle oxidation catalysts / Pierre Courtine --
Structural and thermodynamic foundation for catalytic habit of bismuth-cerium molybdate selective oxidation catalysts / J.F. Brazdil, R.G. Teller, R.K. Grasselli, and E. Kostiner --
constitution and task of promoted uranium-antimony oxide catalysts / R.A. Innes, A.J. Perrotta, and H.E. fast --
section relationships within the cerium-molybdenum-tellurium oxide procedure / J.C.J. Bart, N. Giordano, and P. Forzatti --
Molybdate and tungstate catalysts for methanol oxidation / C.J. Machiels, U. Chowdhry, W.T.A. Harrison, and A.W. Sleight --
Characterization of vanadium oxide catalysts when it comes to actions and selectivities for oxidation and ammoxidation of alkylpyridines / Arne Andersson and S. Lars T. Andersson --
The synthesis and electrocatalytic homes of nonstoichiometric ruthenate pyrochlores / H.S. Horowitz, J.M. Longo, H.H. Horowitz, and J.T. Lewandowski --
stable nation chemistry of tungsten oxide supported on alumina / S. Soled, L.L. Murrell, I.E. Wachs, G.B. McVicker, L.G. Sherman, S. Chan, N.C. Dispenziere, and R.T.K. Baker --
excessive solution electron microscopy : the structural chemistry of bismuth-tungsten-molybdenum oxides and bismuth-tungsten-niobium oxides / D.A. Jefferson --
Temperature-programmed decomposition of 2-propanol at the zinc-polar, nonpolar, and oxygen-polar surfaces of zinc oxide / okay. Lui, S. Akhter, and H.H. Kung --
The function of stable kingdom chemistry in catalysis by way of transition steel sulfides / R.R. Chianelli --
The position of promoter atoms in cobalt-molybdenum and nickel-molybdenum catalysts / H. Topsøe, N.-Y. Topsøe, O. Sørensen, R. Candia, B.S. Clausen, S. Kallesøe, E. Pedersen, and R. Nevald --
instruction and houses of cobalt sulfide, nickel sulfide, and iron sulfide / D.M. Pasquariello, R. Kershaw, J.D. Passaretti, okay. Dwight, and A. Wold --
Zeolite chemistry in catalysis / Jacques C. Vedrine --
The hydroisomerization task of nickel-substituted mica montmorillonite clay / R.A. Van Santen, K.-H.W. Röbschläger, and C.A. Emeis --
Alkali-promoted copper-zinc oxide catalysts for low alcohol synthesis / G.A. Vedage, P.B. Himelfarb, G.W. Simmons, and ok. Klier --
Water fuel shift over magnetite-based catalysts : nature of energetic websites for adsorption and catalysis / Carl R.F. Lund, Joseph E. Kubsh, and J.A. Dumesic --
Secondary ion mass spectrometry stories of the constitution and reactivity of carbon on ruthenium(001) / L.L. Lauderback and W.N. Delgass.

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On the other hand, the two Mo-Cl bonds (modeling single bonds to bridg­ ing oxygens in molybdates) involve a large amount of ionic character with some 5s-5p character on the Mo. Thus the Mo^ center in 2 should be best visualized in terms of ionic bonds to the two bridging oxygens, while the Mo=0 bonds should be considered as covalent double bonds. The require­ ment of two singly-occupied d orbitals for each Mo=0 bond leads to an 0=Mo=0 angle of 106° (the π bonds would prefer 90°; the σ bonds, 125°) (3).

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