By Louis L'Amour

ISBN-10: 055390003X

ISBN-13: 9780553900033

An outlaw's legacy...

In a distant nook of Utah lies the key outlaw country of Ben Curry. For fifteen years Curry has governed ultimate, as his males have pulled jobs from Canada to Mexico. however the king is getting old... he desires to flip his legacy over to an individual more youthful, harder. Mike Bastian is Ben's followed son, a tender guy who can deal with a knife, a gun, his fists, yet a guy who is by no means damaged the law.

Now, as treachery explodes between Ben's riders, and sincere lawmen—Tyrel Sackett and Borden Chantry—begin to 0 in at the gang, Mike needs to choose...between his loyalty to Ben and his craving for a distinct existence. but whilst the weapons begin echoing off the Vermilion Cliffs, the time for selecting is over—and the time for conflict has began.

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I’m gettin’ up there in years, and I want a few years of quiet life. This outfit takes a strong hand to run it. ” “I think so, too. Watch Perrin. He’s got a streak of snake in him. Rigger is dangerous, but whatever he does will be out in the open. It’s not that way with Perrin. He’s a conniver. ” Curry fell silent, staring out the window at the distant peaks of the San Francisco mountains. “Mike,” he said, more quietly, “sit down. It’s time you an’ me had a talk. Maybe I’ve taken the wrong trail with you, raisin’ you the way I have, to be an outlaw an’ all.

Ben would have been a builder and an organizer in whatever direction he chose, but he’s not thinkin’ straight. Moreover, Ben hasn’t been on a raid for years. He doesn’t know how it is anymore. “Oh, he plans! He studies the layout of the towns, the banks, and the railroads, but he doesn’t see how folks are changin’. He doesn’t listen to them talk. It isn’t just saloons, corrals, honky-tonks, and gamblin’ anymore. Folks have churches an’ schools. They don’t want lead flyin’ whilst their kids are walkin’ to school.

Well, that was left out. When he starts shootin’ or they shoot at him, he’s like ice. “Kerb Perrin is that way, too. He’s cold, and steady as a rock. Rigger Molina’s another kind of cat. He explodes all over the place. He’s white-hot but deadly as a rattler. “Five men cornered Molina one time out of Julesburg. When the shootin’ was over four of them were down and the fifth was holdin’ a gunshot arm. Molina, he rode out under his own power. He’s a shaggy wolf, that one! ” Roundy paused, puffing on his pipe.

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