By David R. Silva (auth.), Dante Minniti, Hans-Walter Rix (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540497390

ISBN-13: 9783540497394

ISBN-10: 3662224291

ISBN-13: 9783662224298

This e-book features a entire and updated evaluate of spiral galaxies, focussing on fresh growth in our realizing that turned attainable during the arrival of array detectors for the close to IR. either cutting-edge IR observations and theoretical modeling of disk galaxies are offered. precise emphasis is put on the young and old stellar populations, either in resolved galaxies and in additional far-off ones. The nuclear task of disk galaxies is taken care of intensive, from our Galactic heart to quasars besides exact descriptions of the effect of dust.
This booklet is addressed to specialist astronomers and scholars, together with observers and theorists.

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One half the lines are missing. " Kurucz 's line list contains a large number of molecular lines (see Kurucz 1995a,b), but yet it is not complete: in the near-IR CO (vibration-rotation) and OH are included , but H 20 is missing . In any case, th is is the most complete grid of models and synthetic spectra available and it must be said that the work accomplish ed by R . Kurucz is not less than herculean. Concerning model atmospheres, the grid of models by Gustafsson et al. (1975) and further unpublished sets of models made available by Gustafsson and collaborators together with Plez et al.

The colours indicate that the stellar population in som e of these galaxies are on average very young and have a low metallicity . The colour gradients imply large M / L gradients for the optical passbands, making the 'missing light' problem as derived from rotation curve fitting even worse, irr espective whether th ey are caused by dust or population changes . A. , Charlot S. S. D . Thesis, Univ . S . C. C . 1970, ApJ 160, 811 Worthey G. 1994, ApJS 95, 107 Stellar Populations of Bulges and Disks: New Insights from Near-IR Colours Reynier Peletier 1 •2 & Marc Balcells!

Besides, a coverage from UV to IR in flux distribution also impose stronger constraints. 31 References Aaronson, M. , Frogel, J . , Persson, S. E. , Bica , E. , Collier Cameron, A. : (1989): MNRAS 237, 495-511 Barbuy, B. (1994) : ApJ 430, 218-221 Bessell, M. , Brett, J. , Wood, P. R (1989): A&A 213, 209-225 Bica, E. , Alloin, D. , Brault, J . , Roland, G. , Hardy, E. (1993) : ApJ 406,142-157 Diaz, A. , Terlevich, R. (1989) : MNRAS 239, 325-345 Fluks, M. , Westerlund, B. , Steenman, H. : 1994, A&AS , 105, 311 Frogel , J.

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Spiral Galaxies in the Near-IR: Proceedings of the ESO/MPA Workshop Held at Garching, Germany, 7–9 June 1995 by David R. Silva (auth.), Dante Minniti, Hans-Walter Rix (eds.)

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