By [by Donald F. Solá and Yolanda Lastra.

[v. 1.] devices 1-12.--[v. 2.] devices 13-24.

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The hated is followed by a simile introduced by as, the whole of which acts as a kind of adjunct of manner referring to this hated. This adjunct consists of a noun phrase which is made up of determiner a, modifier swollowed, head bayt and a long qualifier On purpose layd to make the taker mad. The swollowed which is itself a participial adjective represents the first time in this sonnet that an adjective or modifier occurs before a noun or head. Since the occurrence of an adjective before a noun is one of the most common orders in English, it may be appreciated from this fact that the organisation and word order of the sonnet are not as ordinary as one might suppose.

In the adjunct not only is hell the last word of the sonnet, but also it rhymes with well and stands in contrast to heauen. It carries the main emphasis in the line, and the adjunct has been pushed into much greater prominence than either the subject which is the relatively innocuous that or the predicator leads. Even the object men is so general that it lacks much force and impact. The adjunct can be an important part, perhaps the most important part, of a sentence, but its weight must be balanced against the other elements.

Because the adjunct is optional there is usually another way in which a sentence containing one can be written, particularly with clausal adjuncts. Sentence 3 could readily appear as two sentences, and even sentence 2 could, though perhaps less naturally, be rewritten: 2b It was morning. She went to London. 3b She received the message. She went to London. 48 AN INTRODUCrION TO THE LANGUAGE OF LITERATURE The meaning of 2b and 3b are not identical with those of 2 and 3, though most readers will probably assume they are.

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Spoken Cochabamba Quechua by [by Donald F. Solá and Yolanda Lastra.

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