By Helmut Hofer

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The discoveries of the final a long time have opened new views for the previous box of Hamiltonian platforms and resulted in the production of a brand new box: symplectic topology. mind-blowing tension phenomena display that the character of symplectic mappings is especially diversified from that of quantity retaining mappings. This increases new questions, lots of them nonetheless unanswered. nonetheless, research of an previous variational precept in classical mechanics has verified international periodic phenomena in Hamiltonian structures. because it seems, those possible diverse phenomena are mysteriously similar. one of many hyperlinks is a category of symplectic invariants, known as symplectic capacities. those invariants are the most subject matter of this publication, consisting of such subject matters as easy symplectic geometry, symplectic capacities and tension, periodic orbits for Hamiltonian structures and the motion precept, a bi-invariant metric at the symplectic diffeomorphism crew and its geometry, symplectic fastened aspect thought, the Arnold conjectures and primary order elliptic platforms, and at last a survey on Floer homology and symplectic homology.

The exposition is self-contained and addressed to researchers and scholars from the graduate point onwards.


All the chapters have a pleasant advent with the ancient improvement of the topic and with an ideal description of the state-of-the-art. the most rules are brightly uncovered through the e-book. (…) This booklet, written by way of skilled researchers, will surely fill in a spot within the idea of symplectic topology. The authors have taken half within the improvement of this sort of conception by means of themselves or via their collaboration with different awesome humans within the area.

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This publication is a gorgeous creation to at least one outlook at the intriguing new advancements of the final ten to 15 years in symplectic geometry, or symplectic topology, as definite features of the topic are in recent times known as. (…) The authors are visible masters of the sphere, and their reflections right here and there during the booklet at the ambient literature and open difficulties are might be the main attention-grabbing components of the volume.


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40), must have the same sign. 41) ϕt ∗ αt = α , ϕ0 = id for 0 ≤ t ≤ 1, so that the diffeomorphism u = ϕ1 will solve our problem. 3 Hamiltonian vector fields and symplectic manifolds 17 for some (m − 1)-form γ on M . This is a special case of the de Rham theorem. Since αt is a volume form we find a unique time-dependent vector field Xt on M solving the linear equation iXt αt = −γ for 0 ≤ t ≤ 1. Denote by ϕt the flow of this vector field Xt satisfying ϕ0 = id. Since M is compact it exists for all t. Since dαt = 0 for volume forms we find, again using Cartan’s formula, d dt ϕt ∗ αt = ϕt = ϕt ∗ ∗ LXt αt + d αt dt d(iXt αt ) + β − α , which vanishes since d(iXt αt ) + β − α = d(iXt αt + γ) = 0 by our choice of the vector field Xt .

To every symplectic embedding ϕ : B(r) → M there is a symplectic embedding B(r) → N defined by ψ ◦ ϕ. Therefore, the supremum in the definition of D(N, τ ) is taken over a possibly larger set so that indeed D(N, τ ) ≥ D(M, ω) as claimed. If f : M → N is a symplectic diffeomorphism of M onto N we can apply the monotonicity property to f and also to f −1 and conclude: Proposition 6. If (M, ω) and (N, τ ) are symplectically isomorphic, then D(M, ω) = D(N, τ ). We see that the Gromov width is a symplectic invariant.

Then ϕ(B(R)) ⊂ Z(r) if ε > 0 is chosen sufficiently small. Note that the 2-plane span {e1 , e2 } of R2n defining this cylinder is isotropic and hence inherits no ˆ symplectic structure. The situation changes drastically if we replace Z(r) by the cylinder Z(r) = (x, y) ∈ R2n x21 + y12 < r2 . This cylinder is defined by the 2-plane span {e1 , f1 } which is a symplectic subspace. Trying similarly with the map ψ(x, y) = 1 1 εx1 , x2 , x3 , . . , xn , εy1 , y2 , y3 , . . , yn ε ε one finds ψ(B(R)) ⊂ Z(r) if ε is small.

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