By G. David Morley

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This well-illustrated publication outlines a framework for the research of syntactic constitution from a viewpoint of a scientific sensible grammar. In oart, the publication is going again to the grammar's "scale and type" roots, yet now with the purpose of proposing how

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From totally opposite perspectives, therefore, both passages have an artificiality about their format. 26 The linguistic framework I have already mentioned that, in terms of the rank scale hierarchy, a sentence consists of one or more clauses. These are interrelated with one another on a basis which is grammatically coordinate or subordinate and, in consequence of this, some grammarians prefer to think of the largest grammatical unit as being a grouping or complex of clauses, a 'clause complex', rather than a sentence.

Thereafter each of the units is described in terms of its relationship with the other units. All five units are arranged hierarchically, from the largest down to the smallest, on a scale of rank. Each unit except the largest has been defined by its function in the structure of the unit next above, and conversely each unit except the smallest has been described as being composed of one or more units of the rank below. g. exams, finished, after, consists of one or more morphemes, viz. g. g. After\John\has finished\his exams; and similarly a sentence is described as consisting typically of one or more clauses.

At the bottom end of the rank scale, the morpheme is the smallest unit of grammatical form and meaning - though in traditional grammar a distinction is often made between morph and morpheme. 1, Morpheme, morph and allomorph). g. g. g. car - cars (plural), mend- mended (past tense). The grammatical framework 27 With regard to grammatical meaning as illustrated under (c) we can say that a change of morpheme inflection within a noun, for example, leads to a change in the syntactic relations into which the word enters.

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