By Richard S Smith

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65 The epithelial cells of the equatorial germinative zone produce the lens fibers that make up the lens cortex. 66 Unlike other epithelial structures, all cells produced by the lens epithelium persist throughout life. An epithelial cell differentiating to form a lens fiber begins by elongating anteriorly and posteriorly. 65 At the same time this is happening, extensive elaboration of the plasma membrane and cytoskeleton occurs. 60,68 The lens fibers vary in length, but may extend from the anterior to posterior poles of the lens.

7 RETINAL VASCULAR SYSTEM In all mammals, the retina has a dual circulation. The blood supply from the nerve fiber layer to the external aspect of the inner nuclear layer is supplied by the retinal vessels; the remainder of the retina is dependent on the choroidal circulation. The internal carotid artery branches to form the ophthalmic artery, which, in turn, branches to form the central retinal artery and retinal arterioles. 43,44 Retinal arterioles, supported by circumferential collagen fibers, elastic tissue, and a thin layer of smooth muscle, branch to form smaller vessels, which branch to form the retinal capillaries.

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