By Edgar Rice Burroughs

ISBN-10: 1440497176

ISBN-13: 9781440497179

ISBN-10: 1441061711

ISBN-13: 9781441061713

Tanar of Pellucidar is the 3rd within the Burroughs sequence set on the planet of Pellucidar the unique and savage land on the middle of the Earth. American explorer David Innes and the human groups have eventually overthrown Pellucidar's slave masters, the Mahars. The Pellucidarian Empire is now confronted with a brand new risk, the Korsar pirates. within the resulting conflict many warriors are misplaced and the most brave, Tanar of Sari, is captured. Tanar is taken to the scary realm of the Buried humans of Amiocap and finally to the Korsars' dungeons. Edgar Rice Burroughs was once an American writer, top identified for his construction of the jungle hero Tarzan, "Lost worlds" and the heroic Mars adventurer John Carter.

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The men looked to their weapons against the next hunt, or lolled idly on furs in their open living rooms--those who were not still sleeping off the effects of the heavy feast. Fedol, the chief, was bidding farewell to Zural's messengers and entrusting to them a gift for the ruler of Lar, when suddenly the peace and quiet was shattered by hoarse cries and a shattering burst of musketry. Instantly all was pandemonium. Then women and warriors rushed from their homes; shouts, curses and screams filled the air.

The girl turned half frightened eyes upon him and withdrew her hand. "Don't," she said. " he asked. " The man was about to speak again when a figure darkened the opening in the doorway. A girl had come bringing food. Heretofore it had been a man--a taciturn man who had replied to none of Tanar's questions. But there was no suggestion of taciturnity upon the beautiful, smiling countenance of the girl. "Here is food," she said. " "Where there is nothing else to do but eat I am always hungry," said Tanar.

That creature, Letari," said Stellara. "Why she is not vile," said Tanar. " "I believe you are in love with her," snapped Stellara. "That would not be difficult," said Tanar. " demanded Stellara. " asked Tanar. " insisted the girl. " asked Tanar, softly. "Most certainly not," said Stellara. " "I didn't ask," said Stellara. " "Oh," said Tanar. "I misunderstood," and he moved on in silence, for the men of Sari are not talkative, and Stellara did not know what was in his mind for his face did not reflect the fact that he was laughing inwardly, and, anyway, Stellara could not see his face.

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Tanar of Pellucidar by Edgar Rice Burroughs

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