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During this quantity a survey of the main appropriate nonlinear crack versions is equipped, with the aim of examining the nonlinear mechanical results happening on the tip of macrocracks in quasi-brittle fabrics - comparable to concrete, rocks, ceramics, polymers, high-strength steel alloys - and in brittle-matrix fibre-reinforced composites.

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Further, we are expected to contribute to both realms, and to communicate our results to multiple audiences [6]. Product Semantics in Design Research Practice 3 39 Adopting Product Semantics to Characterize Realms Krippendorff defines product semantics as “a vocabulary and methodology for designing artifacts in view of the meanings they could acquire for their users and the communities of their stakeholders”. Although Krippendorff uses the term product semantics, we agree with Ehn [33] that it is in fact more appropriate to refer to Krippendorff’s ideas as a pragmatic view of design.

G. the word “good” is too general so that we cannot use it to represent the users’ preference. e. cluster frequency (CLF), to measure how common a word is among a cluster of documents which are similar to a particular document. We get a cluster of similar movies for a given movie, and accordingly, all reviews of the movies in the cluster will be used for calculating the CLF. If we find a cluster of similar movies for Titanic, they may share some common characteristics of tragedy and the word “sad” would have high frequency among the reviews of this cluster.

Constructs, models, methods and instantiations. Hevner et al [6] also propose that design science research may lead to new evaluation techniques. The idea A. Bhattacherjee and B. ): Future of ICT Research, IFIP AICT 389, pp. 35–48, 2012. © IFIP International Federation for Information Processing 2012 36 J. Sjöström, B. Donnellan, and M. Helfert of building design theory has been proposed [7,8], while action design research (ADR) suggests that the minimum requirement of the ADR approach is to formulate design principles that are applicable to design solutions for a class of problem [9].

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